D.I.Y. Custom Clothespins and Picture Frames

In a few months, my family and I will be going on a Disney Cruise! One of the activities that many people take part in on Disney Cruises is a Gift Exchange. My sister, my mom, my my mother-in-law and I have all been working hard to come up with fun, creative, simple projects for our gift exchange items. In this post, I would like to share the creations of my mom and my sister.DIY Disney Clothespins

My mom, Beth, turned plain clothespins into these super cute “Chip Clips”. They turned out great, and they were easy to make. First I designed the Disney scrapbook paper in Illustrator, and we cut the paper into strips the size of the clothespins. Mom found the Minnie and Mickey shapes at Party City, and she mod-podged the paper and the pieces to each side of the clothespins. Now we can keep our chips fresh in style!

D.I.Y. Disney Clothespins

Madeleine, my sister, made these adorable Disney picture frames. She found the blank frames at a craft store, and she painted them to match the Disney characters. Then she attached the characters which are scrapbook embellishments. They will be perfect to frame pictures from the cruise! DIY Disney Picture Frames

D.I.Y. Disney Picture Frames

Overall, everybody is having a lot of fun preparing for our vacation. Everybody is coming up with incredible ideas for the gift exchange, and the excitement is building! More Disney gift exchange items to come!


One thought on “D.I.Y. Custom Clothespins and Picture Frames

  1. I have been looking for ideas for clothes pins for our FE gifts and these are perfect! Do you think regular prepinted scrapbook paper would work? Not sure if it might be too thick for the modge podge to stick.

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