Hot Glue Minnie Mouse Bow Jewelry

I am still working on creating items for our Fish Extender Gift Exchange on our upcoming Disney Cruise. Curious about what a “Fish Extender” is? Outside of each stateroom door on the ship is a metal fish. It is used by the staff to leave mail, etc. A Fish Extender (FE) is when you hang pockets from the fish so people can leave gift items in it. You join a group online, and everybody leaves gifts for each other in their FE.

I really wanted to make some cute jewelry for the women and girls, and had these cute Martha Stewart bow molds that would be perfect!Martha Stewart Molds

The problem is, resin and clay both take a long time to harden. And with only one mold, it would take too much time to make a large amount of these bows. Then I came across this tutorial to make these little cabochons out of hot glue! How brilliant is that? So I began experimenting, and this is what I came up with.

The trick is to use high temperature glue sticks. This keeps the finished jewelry from melting. Stick the nozzle down into the very bottom of the mold and work out from there. This keeps bubbles from forming in the crevices. Fill up the mold and let it sit for 1-2 minutes until the glue has hardened.

Hot Glue Gun Jewelry

Carefully remove the hardened glue shapes, and use scissors to trim the edges if needed. This is what they look like.

Hot Glue Gun Jewelry

I used acrylic craft paint to paint my pieces. It took a couple coats. Spray paint would probably be faster and easier, but this is what I had on hand. Do NOT paint the back side of the pieces. You will find out why later.


This is what they look like after they are painted. Some of them did not get a coat of paint, only glitter and mod podge.Hot Glue Gun Jewelry


Now you can attach them to anything you want! I made stud earrings, dangling earrings, and bobby pins. To attach them, just add a dab of hot glue to the unpainted surface of the shapes. The glue will slightly melt the surface. That way, when you attach the earring/bail/bobby pin, the entire thing will adhere onto the glue shape and the hot glue seal will not break away when the jewelry is worn. This is why you left the back side unpainted.

Hot Glue Gun Jewelry


For the stud earrings, just glue the stud onto the glue shape. For the danging earrings, glue a bail onto the shape and attach it to a fishhook earring with a jump ring. Hot Glue Gun Jewelry

For the bobby pins, put a small piece of felt inside the pin and glue the shape onto the felt with one side of the pin in between. The felt helps keep the shape attached and keeps the glue from possibly sticking to your hair.


At this point, you can paint/seal the backside of the jewelry if you want.

When I finished my jewelry, I used a Mickey Mouse hole punch to make shapes out of paint chips.Hot Glue Gun Jewelry

Then I attached the jewelry to look like Minnie Mouse’s bow!eIMG_6479

I love how they turned out, and they will be perfect for the FE gift exchange.eIMG_6483

Note: I have not tested this jewelry for durability, and I’m not sure about their long lasting quality. Resin or clay would be a better option for guaranteed quality or if you plan on selling the jewelry.


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