Orange Creamsicle Soap

It’s soap challenge time! Last year, Amy of Great Cakes Soapworks hosted a series of soap challenges, and I decided to join them this year! The challenges are designed to encourage soapmakers to try new techniques and designs. This past week, the challenge was to make soap with an elemental swirl. You can find the link up on Amy’s blog. And here is my soap!

Elemental Swirl Soap

The elemental swirl is two separate swirls divided by a pencil line. I scented my soap with orange creamsicle, and I added some fun embeds on the top. Overall, I am pleased with how this soap turned out. I can’t wait for next week’s challenge!


5 thoughts on “Orange Creamsicle Soap

  1. Lovely colour combo – I am thirsty when I see it. I imagine summer, ice-cream and juicy fruits (in our country it´s spring now but it snows…).

  2. I love this soap!!! Does the orange creamcicle discolor any? I bought some of that and haven’t soap with it for fear that it did…but I really want to 😉

    Oh…and don’t worry…my studio was messy too after this challenge! LOL

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