Mica Swirl Soap Challenge

This is week 3 of the the soap challenges! The challenge for week 1 was tiger stripes, which I missed out on.  The week 2 challenge was the elemental swirl, which you can see here. Amy’s challenge this week is the mica swirl. You can see her blog post on it here. The technique is simple: you mix mica powder with oil, and drizzle/swirl it on top of the soap. It’s a beautiful technique that I had never heard of, so I was very excited to try it! And the best part is that I was able to combine the challenge from week 1 into my soap! Since I missed the tiger stripes challenge, I decided to try it in my soap and I added the mica swirl on top.

Here is the soap after I poured it and swirled the top.

Mica Swirl Soap by Bath Candy

Pretty cool, huh? I also added some poppy seeds for texture. And here are the tiger stripes inside!

Mica Swirl Soap by Bath Candy

It didn’t turn out exactly how I had planned. The soap was originally intended to be for men. The tiger swirl turned out great, but the mica swirl was supposed to be blue, and the top of the soap ashed quite badly. So instead of blue and black, the top is purple and white. Hah. But it still smells awesome! Now I just have to come up with a name for it!


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