Soap Challenge Week 4: Leopard Spots

We have reached the final week of soap challenges this year. Again, I want to thank Amy for hosting these challenges and encouraging many of us to try new soaping techniques.

This week’s challenge was Leopard Spotted Soap. Sounds hard, right? It was. The technique itself isn’t too complicated, but the soap batter must be at the PERFECT consistency and it has to stay that way for a LONG time. But it was worth the effort, because the result is super awesome.

I decided to go back to the ’90s and go for the Lisa Frank look with rainbow leopard spots. This was my inspiration.Lisa Frank Rainbow Leopard

And here is my final soap!

Rainbow Leopard Spot Soap

The fragrance is a blend of Energy and Blackberry Cybilla from Brambleberry.

Rainbow Leopard Spot Soap

And a healthy dose of glitter on top 🙂 You can’t have Lisa Frank soap without glitter!

Rainbow Leopard Spot Soap

Rainbow Leopard Spot Soap

I’m pretty happy with it. My trace was a little too thick, so I had to adjust the design a bit. And I ran out of black soap…so I didn’t get as many spots as I wanted. But I would definitely try this design again now that I know what to expect.

Rainbow Leopard Spot Soap

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the submissions at Amy’s blog!


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