Art in the Park 2013

Art in the Park is an annual art and music festival in Friendswood, Texas. It is an incredible community event filled with great artists, performers, and entertainment. Bath Candy set up shop at this event for the second year, and I want to share some pictures of the event and our new display!

I’ve been working on a new craft show display for a while, and I think we nailed it! Here is my awesome bakery stand! (Made by my amazing husband and father-in-law)

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

I will share more about the making of the stand at a later time. We had a lot going on in the weeks before this show. I made t-shirts, business cards, signs, bags, and not to mention…tons of soap!

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

We sold out of many types of soap, and I actually had to go home and make more for Sunday!

It is interesting how “best-sellers” change all the time. Last year it was Lavender. This year it was Sea Breeze. We sold the entire batch within the first hour of opening! The second day, we sold out again! I think that one is a keeper.

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

My little cousins came to visit me, and they had lots of fun playing peek-a-boo behind the display.

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

Aren’t they precious?

And look who else came to visit! This is Sabor, she is the sweetest 🙂 Dogs love soap too!

German Shepherds Love Soap

This is the sign we made for our booth…I am absolutely obsessed with it! I love it so much!

Bath Candy Soap Chalk Board Sign

I painted the signs, and my husband built the frame and did all the hardware. He’s the best!

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand

All in all, it was a great weekend full of friends, family, art, and music. I am so thankful to have such a great support group. My mom, sister, husband, and in-laws spent all weekend out in the heat to support my growing business. Not to mention, all of my family and friends who came to visit. I really appreciate it!

Bath Candy Girls


8 thoughts on “Art in the Park 2013

  1. Emily,
    Do you have the dimensions of the display? I would love love love this for my cupcakes at shows and haven’t found blue prints anywhere for something like this and it’s exactly exactly what I would love to have! I wouldn’t mind purchasing the “blue prints” if you have them per-chance :))

    • Hi Laura, I’m glad you like my display! If you send me an email, I’d be happy to share the dimensions with you. I don’t have blueprints, but I have the measurements. You can find my email address under the “About” section.

  2. I found this post from a picture of your display on pinterest. It is so awesome! I am curious… did you have any issues with little kids coming up and grabbing soap (since it is at their eye level?). The farmers market I attend has a lot of kids that aren’t so well attended by their parents, so I am a little nervous to incorporate something like this. But maybe I could make a mini-display on top of the table? Thanks for sharing your ingenuity!

  3. Jayne, I was thinking the same thing about kids taking the soaps to sniff – which they do at my local market even thought they are on a table and not lower to the ground. But I do love this idea and might try to incorporate something similar for a table-top.

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