Peacock Swirl Tutorial

After over a YEAR of research, I have FINALLY decided to try the peacock swirl. I’ve been procrastinating. Not because I thought it would be too hard, but because I don’t have a slab mold. I know a box would have worked, but I absolutely HATE lining molds. So I just never tried. Until Amy posted a new soap challenge! YAY! So I decided I might as well stop making excuses. I bought a mini baking pan thing at the dollar tree, layed down a piece of plastic wrap, and decided to go for it!

Since many of you already know what the peacock swirl is, I decided to do this graphic with very basic instructions. I haven’t seen any tutorials except videos, so here is a graphic one.

How to create a Peacock Swirl

Here is the “S” curve pattern. Not as hard as it looks.

How to create a Peacock Swirl

Overall, I’m fairly happy with my soap. I used Bramble Berry’s neon colorants, and the fragrance is Papaya Coconut.

Things I learned:

1. Contrasting colors are important. Everyone said to use black and white with colors, but I decided to try it without black. Don’t. Black makes it better.

2. I prefer to use a thick swirling tool rather than a chopstick. A thicker tool makes the swirls more whispy. (I used the end of a marker.

3. A soap recipe with 33 oz. of oils fits perfectly in this (awesome) $1 mold. I used my same size recipe that fits my 10” silicone loaf molds.

4. Squeezy bottles are difficult to clean. I. Hate. Cleaning. Squeezy Bottles.

Here are some more pictures of my very first peacock swirl!How to create a Peacock Swirl

How to create a Peacock Swirl

This is not the soap I will be entering in the contest, I just wanted to test out my skills. Make sure I could pull it off. Now its time for attempt number two!


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