DIY Glitter Bottle Makeover

DIY Glitter Bottle Makeover

If you know me, you know I love glitter, sequins, and all things sparkly! And although I’m not a super girly-girl, I will take advantage of any opportunity to glitter something. So my project last week was to decorate a bottle of vodka! I’ve seen lots of tutorials around for this, but most of them seemed really messy and difficult.

Last year, I decorated this bottle using hot glue and giant plastic jewel things.

DIY Glitter Bottle Makeover

It turned out pretty cool, but this time I wanted to stay away from the plastic costume jewelry type rhinestones. And since my bottle is round, I couldn’t really glue anything flat onto it. Also, hot glue is messy, and this project took wayyy too long to complete. So I came up with an alternative!

Here is my finished bottle.

IMG_7658 copy

I think it looks classier than the ones with big rhinestones, but it still has plenty of sparkle!

Here are the materials I used:

DIY Glitter Bottle Makeover

Thin, small glue dots. I think these were 3/8”, glitter, and strands of adhesive rhinestones. These are from a dollar store…but I’m sure they can be found at most craft stores.

This project was SO easy! It look me about 10 minutes to complete.

DIY Glitter Bottle Makeover

I simply wrapped the strands of rhinestones around the top and bottom of the bottle. They already had adhesive of them, so I just stuck them right on.

DIY Glitter Bottle Makeover

Then I attached glue dots onto the bottle, about 8 at a time. You just press on the dot, and peel off the backing. Then you press the glue dots into a pile of glitter, and brush off the excess! SO EASY! You don’t have to seal it or anything! The glitter sticks really well.

DIY Glitter Bottle Makeover

How fun would this be with rainbow polka dots? Or silver for a classy look? The possibilities are endless!

I also made this etched shot glass. It turned out pretty cute! I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut a stencil from contact paper, and then I painted etching cream onto it.

Custom Etched Shot Glass Custom Etched Shot Glass

This shot glass was extremely difficult to photograph… I need to work on that.

Let me know if you try the glue dot method of glittering things! It’s so easy, and so much less messy that other methods! Happy crafting!


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