Peacock Swirl Soap Challenge

After my third attempt at a peacock swirl, I am finally happy with the result! Well, mostly. Here is my soap!

Peacock Swirl9

I am very happy with the swirl, but the colors are not exactly what I wanted. My titanium dioxide seized the white portion of my soap (weird right?) so I didn’t get the white contrast that I was looking for. Here is my color prep.

Peacock Swirl

The colorants I used (from Bramble Berry) were Aqua Pearl Mica, Tangerine Wow, Chrome Green Oxide + Lime Labcolor, Activated Charcoal, and Titanium Dioxide. I fragranced it with a nice fresh, clean scent called Sea Breeze. (I expected the soap to be mostly blue and white…hah).

Here are my lines

Peacock Swirl1

And here is the peacock swirl! YAY!

Peacock Swirl6

I realized the soap batter really has to be SUPER thin. Like completely liquid. Barely emulsified. That’s how I finally got my colors to swirl together rather than sit on top of each other.

Peacock Swirl5

I am finally happy enough to submit this soap into the challenge! I don’t know how it will compare to the others, but I’m proud of it! I hope my fellow soapmakers like it too 🙂 Check out my first attempt at the peacock swirl and mini tutorial here!

Peacock Swirl7


5 thoughts on “Peacock Swirl Soap Challenge

  1. Gorgeous!! I’ve had titanium dioxide thicken up my soap before too – not sure what’s up with that! You did a great job with the remaining colors though – very pretty!

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