19 Week Bump Update

Pregnancy is unlike anything I could’ve imagined! I am a few weeks into my second trimester, and finally starting to enjoy this journey! The first several months were not pleasant, and I was preparing myself for the worst. Fortunately, most of the worst symptoms have faded, and I feel normal again. A small baby bump has appeared in the last week or so, and it’s strange to see the evidence of the tiny human growing inside me. Cameron says the bump appeared overnight, but it seemed gradual to me. My pants are officially too tight to be comfortable, and I’ve started wearing maxi dresses almost every day.

A couple weeks ago, we went on a trip to Destin, Florida with some of my family. I guess it was kind of like our babymoon, and we had a great time! I felt like I was stuck in that awkward stage where I didn’t look pregnant yet, just chubby and bloated. So while I feel super gross in the photos, I’ll go ahead and post one anyway. This was around 17 weeks.


We also had a couple of milestones recently! We stopped by an outlet mall on our trip, and bought our very first baby item! Here is the teeny tiny baby shirt we found.

Captain of the Sea Tshirt

Technically it’s a boys shirt, but we thought it could work either way. We have nicknamed our unborn child Captain, and have been referring to him/her as Captain since the beginning. I’d say its pretty likely that the nickname will stick around after he/she is born. So when we saw this shirt, we just had to buy it.

On our long drive home, Cameron and I had a lot of time to discuss baby names. And we finally settled on an official “first draft” of a boy name and a girl name. We aren’t sharing our selections yet, because it’s still possible/likely that they will still change. Who knows, maybe we will keep the name a secret until after he/she is born! Either way, it felt like an important moment to take note of.

Our next doctor’s appointment is next Wednesday, at 20 weeks. On that day, we are having the anatomy ultrasound. I’m pretty excited to find out the gender, and super anxious to make sure everything is developing properly. We’ve been dealing with some insurance drama, so it’s been a little while since I’ve seen a doctor. It’s stressful to not be able to know that everything is okay. I’m totally ready to see this little one again. Our last ultrasound was at 9 weeks, so it just looked like a blob. Fingers crossed that we will get a good view now that it will actually resemble an infant!

Now for my “weekly” bump photo and questionnaire! Hah, I know I’ve missed a few weeks, so I’m just going to post as often as possible.

19 Weeks

How far along? 19 weeks

Total weight gain: None yet…I’ve been about 123-124 lbs the past week. So I’m back at my starting weight.

Maternity Clothes? No official “maternity” clothes yet, but my pants are pretty snug. I’m mainly wearing maxi dresses and loose clothing for now. I’m sure I’ll be in maternity clothes soon enough.

Stretch marks?  None so far!

Sleep: This past week or so I’ve noticed I’m sleeping lighter than normal. No real problems yet, I just wake up more often.

Best moment this week: My pregnancy is facebook official! I was on the fence, but decided to go ahead and post it.

Miss anything? I miss Sunday morning mimosas =( I’ve been settling for oj and sparkling water.

Movement: Not sure… I kind of think I might have felt a tiny tap below my belly button, but who knows.

Food cravings: Pei Wei and donuts! I basically want Pei Wei every night for dinner. And I haven’t given in to the donut craving yet, but a sprinkle donut with pink icing is constantly on my mind! I’m hoping it will go away before I cave. Donuts tend to make me feel pretty sick.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Meat is still hit or miss with me. It’s not nearly as bad as it was in the first trimester, but bacon and Chick-Fil-A both make me nauseous. And I seriously LOVE Chick-Fil-A so I’m very sad that I find it so repulsive.

Gender: Cameron is still rooting for a boy, and I guess maybe I want a girl, but I don’t have much of an opinion. I can see pros and cons both ways.

Labor signs: No

Symptoms: I’ve had it pretty easy lately. Occasional headaches, heartburn, and leg cramps. I still get tired often, and I feel like I’m constantly hungry. I also have some lower back pain that feels like a pinched nerve. I’ve had it before, but it has returned. Also my skin has been very oily and I’ve had a lot of breakouts since the beginning.

Belly button in or out? In!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! My hormones seem to have normalized lately. I’m not nearly as emotional and cranky. And I don’t cry constantly anymore which is great =P

Looking forward to: Our ultrasound next week!

This is such an exciting time in our lives, and I feel like I’m finally able to enjoy it. I think Cameron is doing better with it too! He’s not very good at sharing feelings and stuff, so sometimes it’s hard to tell how he feels. But he has started noticing babies and children when we are out in public. He even said a little girl in a video was cute! Yes, that’s a big deal, because it is so unlike him.  I think he is secretly excited and just won’t admit it 😉



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